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Some things I used to enjoy doing for workouts, like running and tennis, are becoming harder on my joints. How can I continue to remain active with less pain?

Low impact and body weight exercises can help you retain your fitness level. For some individuals, walking on a treadmill can cause pain, but an elliptical or bicycle can allow you to take advantage of the cardio benefits with less impact on the joints. You can also reap the rewards without the pain by taking advantage of suspension training. Suspension training is a form of resistance training that can be a great way to safely use your own body weight to build muscle by performing a variety of exercises. Suspension training can improve balance and stability, which is an aspect of fitness that should not be over looked. Gaining or maintaining muscle mass and increasing flexibility, can also help improve stability around the joint and help reduce the risk of injury in everyday life.  

How does my activity level affect my life expectancy? How much should I workout?

Studies have shown that the more active you are, the more likely you are to have a longer, healthier life. It is recommended to get around two hours of medium intensity exercise per week, but you should work to stay active within your limits. Getting in just a few workouts a week can help increase energy, and help with mobility. When you are more active, even routine daily tasks are easier to complete. Remember, being active doesn’t mean only getting in workouts at the gym. You simply want to make sure your body remains in motion – so do something that you enjoy!

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